profilepic2Hello! My name is Tyler Young. Yeah, that is pretty much all I’ve got.

I graduated from Towson University in May of 2015 with a degree in Mass Communication and, more specifically, a focus on journalism and new media. So, I know how to blog and damn it, I know how to blog well.

My entire life I have loved sports. I watched pretty much anything that came on but only ever participated in two organized sports: soccer and baseball.

With soccer, I was mainly a goalkeeper and I think that I was pretty darn good, but never good enough to go anywhere with it. With baseball, I got talked to by some really small schools but never had an offer anywhere. I walked onto the team at Stevenson University, sat on the bench for a year and then transferred to Towson to focus on school. In that time, I figured out that I was better at talking about the games rather than playing. So, here I am.

Currently, I write for Camden Chat, a blog focused on the Baltimore Orioles. However, over that last couple of years, I have caught the bug that a lot of Americans seem to be falling victim to. I like professional soccer…like, a lot.

The base was laid when I was a kid, playing in weekend leagues. It was always a lot of fun, but most of my friends strayed away from soccer. The FIFA video games were the other important aspect. I’m not even sure how many hours I spent on FIFA 2005 and FIFA 06, but I was into it.

I wanted to play as the Americans that were actually good. At the time, I thought that only the mediocre guys stayed home and played in the MLS. At the time, Tim Howard was at Manchester United, so he was my guy. A few years later, he made the move to Everton, where fellow USA teammate Landon Donovan would join him for two loan spells. EFC became my club. Blast forward a few years and now NBC carries every single Barclay’s Premier League game, and I’m stuck. It is the only sport where I will sit down and watch a game that my team isn’t in. I dare say, I love it.

So, I find myself at a cross-section of life. I really enjoy writing and have become interested in the world of YouTube and social media. I also can’t get enough soccer. Yes, I’m even excited for the women’s World Cup in the summer of 2015. Can I find a way to combine the two? Well, I sure as hell am going to try. So, if you like soccer, Americans trying to learn the game and some mediocre commentary, then strap in. You are in the right place.

Welcome to my blog, underscoreTyYoung. I’m Tyler. Good luck!


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