Cool Internet People

There are a lot of people online that are way cooler and more interesting than I am. So, I recommend you give them a glance.


Spencer Owen
Owen rose to modest online success as “The Fifa Playa” on Copa90. In May of 2014, Owen rid himself of the mask and began his own channel and has since skyrocketed to success, currently boasting over 600,000 subscribers. Much of his content revolves around the FIFA video games, but he has started to mix in live action videos much more often, including visits to Wet Ham United’s Upton Park, the English National Team’s St. George’s Park. He has a passion for “football” and it shows in his work. Not to mention, he posts a 10-minute video just about every single day.

Men in Blazers
It’s two British guys named Roger Bennett and Michael Davies that are partnered with NBC Sports (they were formerly with ESPN). They joke about pretty much every aspect of soccer, including the word “soccer”. Videos of them can be found on, but they also post multiple podcasts per week, which they refer to as “Sub-optimal Radio” with notable guests live from their studios in “the crap part of Soho”. The topics usually focus on the EPL and the US National teams, but they will throw in some other talk too. It’s fun to listen to even if you don’t like soccer, but if you do, you want to check it out.

Planet Futbol
This is Sports Illustrated’s soccer website led by writers Grant Wahl, Liviu Bird and Ben Lyttleton. It being an American publication, they focus on the US concers, which are the Premier League, MLS and the US National teams, plus some Champions League talk. They too have a podcast, but it is posted randomly with no obvious schedule. That said, these are (mostly) Americans who know soccer much better than the rest of the population.

Pro Soccer Talk
Their content slightly overlaps with the MiB as they too are a part of NBCSports. However, they have a much more traditional blog-style format. Once again, this is based in the United States, so you will see a lot about the red, white and blue. However, they also dip into less waded waters here in the states, such as the Bundesliga and the BBVA. They won’t go too in-depth on issues, but it is a nice source for quick information.


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